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House view Q3 2016

- 01 JUL 2016

The Aviva Investors House View document is a comprehensive compilation of the views and analysis from our major investment teams.


Automation and Real Estate – the rise of the machines

Richard Levis - 21 APR 2016

This paper considers the impact of computing and robotics advances on the workforce and how this will influence real estate markets.


Banks' rocky road to redemption (part two)

Oliver Judd - 07 APR 2016

A Q&A in which we demystify the changing regulatory landscape facing lenders


Brexit: House view

Euan Munro - 29 MAR 2016

Why a decision to leave the EU will be costly for the UK economy and sterling assets


China’s property market in transition

Sandip Bhalsod - 12 MAR 2016

As China transitions to a service-based economy, this paper looks at the potential implications for commercial real estate and identifies which areas of the market are likely to prosper as a result.


UK corporate debt: keep calm and carry on

Chris Higham - 12 MAR 2016

UK interest rates are likely to remain at very low levels for some time to come, says Chris Higham.


The puzzling world of negative interest rates

Stewart Robertson - 03 MAR 2016

The increasing number of central banks taking interest rates into negative territory has called conventional economic wisdom into question. And, as Stewart Robertson explains, predicting where rates go from here has become even more difficult.